Basic Tools For Replacing Bell Crank (2009 PT Cruiser) On a Budget.

The only tools you'll need to do this job.

You wont need many tools for this job. Assuming you have most of the tools here already, you shouldn’t have to shell out too much money to get extra needed equipment. But just in case, I’ve listed out everything you will need for this repair.


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Medium Ratchet/Socket Set
Large Ratchet/Socket Set

A good starter kit, and necessary for almost all car repairs.

Wrench Set

This wrench set comes with 15 pieces ranging from
8mm-22mm. This is the best start up kit as you will be needing wrenches in these sizes often. And a 21mm wrench is required for the removal of the Bell Crank suspension.

1/2″ Impact Extensions

This isn’t completely necessary, but highly recommended. You can add some space between you and your vehicle to replace the Bell Crank using extensions.

Universal Joints (a.k.a the Swivel)

These will come in handy when you go to replace the left control arm of the Bell Crank. You could use a wrench, but that will take you much longer. 

1/2″ Deep Impact Socket Set

A good start up kit for any nuts that require a deep socket. The Bell Crank requires a 24mm deep socket.
It’s best to buy a set, as buying a single 24mm deep socket is half the price of this entire set.

Breaker Bar

Good for loosening all nuts and bolts. 

Manual Car Jack 
Hydraulic Car Jack

You can usually find a jack laying in the trunk of your car very easily. So in most cases this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you still need one, choose one of these jacks.

Jack Stands

You will need jack stands as well. Vehicles do not come with jack stands, so you’ve got to pick these up in store.

 You want something holding the vehicle up the whole time you’re under the vehicle. And you want jack stands that can withstand the curb-weight of your vehicle.

Brake Cleaner

You’ll want to use this to clean your tools after your done the job. This will remove any dirty oil that is smudged on your tools.

Penetrating Oil

If come up against any bolts or nus that are seized, you’re next step of getting them loose is to use penetrating oil. WD-40 is a great brand that works. 
Just spray on nut or bolt and let it soak for 10 minutes. Then remove with more ease.

Work Gloves

Medium to heavy duty application gloves with rip resistance.


Some rags to clean your tools after you’re done.

If you have any unused t-shirts or rags laying around your home that’s an even better option.

Getting down to budget.

Let’s recap on the basic tool list you’ll need to get started. Remember that you don’t need to buy all of these tools, but it’ll make the job much more easier to have everything here for replacing the Bell Crank.

Here is the complete list of tools you’ll need for the Bell Crank. I’ll show you what this would cost you on a budget below:

  • Large Ratchet/Socket Set CAD $39.99 (US $30.58; assuming you’ve already bought a medium ratchet set from the list before)

  • Wrench Set CAD $63.70 (US $48.71)

  • 1/2″ Impact Extensions CAD $22.23 (US $17.00 )

  • Universal Joints CAD $19.99 (US $15.29)

  • 1/2″ Deep Impact Socket Set CAD $39.97 (US $30.56)
  • Breaker Bar CAD $15.42 (US $11.79)
  • Manual Car Jack (assuming you have one in your car trunk)

  • Jack Stands (assuming you’ve already purchased a set from the list before)

  • Brake Cleaner CAD $15.92 (US $12.17)

  • Penetrating Oil CAD $14.24 (US $11.69)

  • Work Gloves (Assuming you still have some left over from the list before)

  • Rags (assuming you have some already)


The total will come out to about CAD $191.49 (US $146.43 as of December 28, 2019). Prices may change over time.

These tools have good ratings and I’ve used similar products myself.

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