The SECRET Tool Mechanics Use To Fix Almost Any Vehicle.

ALLDATA. The Secret Tool.

Here it is!

ALLDATA. If you’ve never heard of ALLDATA, and you’re just starting out, this is an important tool. It will find almost all makes and models of vehicles that have been manufactured in the world. 

Why is this important?

Because it can help you save money on almost any vehicle out there.

How will it save you money?

ALLDATA shows you practically every part for every vehicle that’s out there. Plus it tells you the “book time” for individual repairs, which is the hourly rate for every repair. And the prices and “book time” come straight from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The Next Step:

Now, showing you what secret tool mechanics use was free.

To actually now use ALLDATA, it will cost you a one time fee for the year.

It’s an online subscription that gives you access for 1 or 5 years. It’s well worth the low price they offer. It is fairly easy to use, but it does take some time getting used to. 

Whether you repair vehicle issues for your family or friends, using this will ensure you have everything you need to do your repairs. 

The Cons:

The only two downsides of using this is that it doesn’t have any information on windows. You would have to find prices for windows from an independent window shop or dealership. And the repair procedures are lacking in a step by step picture for doing various repairs. They have some repair pictures, but more is needed. 

The Benefits:

However, this is still a complete online guide that is the next level up. Mechanics still use this guide to repair your vehicle everyday. They also use this to quote you for your vehicle repair. As I mentioned before, ALLDATA will show you cost of labor and time (of almost all vehicles) to fix any part of any vehicle. 

That means that if you get your car repaired at a shop (since still starting out), you’ll now know what to expect when it comes to how long your car repair should take you. No more guesswork. You’ll now know the “book time” for your car repairs.

Different Packaging, Same Database:

Now, not every shop uses the brand, ALLDATA. They will have their own guides as well. It may not be named the exact same thing, but essentially these tools are all practically identical. 

ALLDATA gets their database straight from the OE Manufacturers, as do the other mechanics and dealerships. As long as everyone gets their information straight from the source, it’s all practically the same thing no matter how you brand it. 

The Secret’s Now Yours:

So now you have the OE Manufacturer guide at your fingertips. It will help you out as a beginner starting. 

And if you own a car, you can use ALLDATA when dealing with mechanics for the big repairs. For smaller repairs, ALLDATA will help you with time management on how long certain repairs should take to complete. Plus it will tell you which parts you need and how much they go for at the OEM price.

This is when I would recommend going on YouTube to find videos on how to repair the car you’re working on to repair. 

As I mentioned, ALLDATA lacks in pictures step by step. 

So try to find the exact year and model on YouTube for your vehicle the next time you go to repair it yourself.

I’ll be posting videos on vehicles I can get my hands on to repair as well. So if I have a car that is similar to yours, feel free to watch it. 

ALLDATA is great when you need to know what parts you’ll need and how long it should take you to complete a job. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything similar on YouTube that gives you what ALLDATA gives you in terms of data. 

If you need help navigating ALLDATA, I’ll be following up with a tutorial using brakes as an example to replace suing ALLDATA. So make sure to watch for new videos when I release them. 

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