Why Is My Car Squeaking? | Suspension Auto-Hack

Don’t you hate it when…

You’re driving along smoothly and all of a sudden to start hearing squeaky sounds on the road? Particularly when going over speed bumps?

If you’ve replaced almost everything regarding your suspension lately and you still can’t find the problem, chances are your bushings are starting to wear out.

This was the case for me as I replaced ball joints and shocks for my vehicle. Still for some reason I would continue hearing creaking sounds over speed bumps. Even when I would turn, I would hear the car make cracking noises.

So if this is the problem you’re facing, it’s a relatively quick fix. Just spray some WD-40 or apply grease to your control arm bushings, or get them changed out. If you don’t believe it will work, see for yourself:

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How to Find a Repair Shop Manual 

If you need a repair manual specifically made for your vehicle, go here to learn more. I’ll also show you a quick tutorial on how to use them online.

October 22, 2022