Symptoms of a Bad Shock Absorber: How to Fix It

If you hear loud squeaky noises when you’re driving, there could be a chance your shock absorber is causing the issue.

However, I found that the bushing from my rear shock absorber had become loose. This is a tell-tale sign it’s time to replace the shock absorber.

Dangers of a loose shock absorber bushing may result in shock being dislodged from mounting. This may result in erratic driving capabilities affecting steering, tires, and suspension.

Although a new shock absorber did not completely quell all squeaking for me, I’m glad to have replaced the shock as it was now rendered faulty due to loose bushing. 

Other possible suspects to check would be the trailing – control arm to repair the squeaking issue. Hopefully the shock replacement will help.

Get Your Tools On a Budget

Shocks go bad over time. This can result in uncomfortable rides and wear and tear of other mechanical components.

Replacing the bad shock with a newer one will likely solve this issue.

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Links to the Tools You Need:

1/2″ & 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Ratchet Set:

Wrench Set:

Breaker Bar:

Vise Grips:

Torque Wrench:

Lug Nut Socket Set:

Industrial Hammer:

Pry Bar Set:

Oil Penetrant:

3 Ton Floor Jack:

3 Ton Jack Stands:

Safety Glasses:

Magnetic Work Light:

Work Gloves:

Rag Towels:

Brake Cleaner:

Magnetic Tray:


Watch how to replace rear shock absorber for 2011 KIA Sorento:

How to Find a Repair Shop Manual 

If you need a repair manual specifically made for your vehicle, go here to learn more. I’ll also show you a quick tutorial on how to use them online.

October 06, 2022