Is It Safe to Mix Engine Oils? 5w20, 5w30, 10w30…

You might be wondering if it’s safe…to mix engine oils into your engine.

For example, you might ask:
    • can you mix 5w20 and 10w30?
    • is it okay to put 5w30 inside your engine, when the cap says 5w20?
      Or vice versa.

To find the quickest solution.

It’s best to consult your owner’s manual.
As we see below for this Kia Sorento, it takes both 5w20 and 5w30 engine oil.
Although 5w20 will offer better fuel efficiency, it clearly states you can use other oils if 5w20 is not available to you.
Below we see this vehicle can take both 5w30 in winter, and 10w30 in summer.
So by manufacturer design, it indeed is safe to mix or use different engine oils.

But… when you’re in a bit of a situation.

For me, there were no High Mileage 5w20 engine oil available to me. The store I went to had sold out. So I decided to go with High Mileage 5w30.
high mileage engine oil needed
So I poured 5 quarts of 5w30 oil into a 5w20 engine.
To bring the oil viscosity down, I added in 1 quart of 5w20 to mix in with 5w30.
This is to help oil flow faster during winter.
However, there is one caveat. It’s recommended to use the same brands of engine oil if you decide to do a mix.
can i use different engine oil brands
As using different brands may cause adverse effects to your engine performance.
So now you know…
The next time you need to mix engine oils, you know it’s relatively safe.
If you still want to go by the books and can’t find the right engine oil for your vehicle, consider shopping online.
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cheaper engine motor synthetic oil online
Plus, you can find quality brand products at bargain prices online. 
Either way, you’ll make a safe decision.
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January 05, 2023