Do I Need a Commercial License to Plow Snow?

Commercial Auto Insurance Required?

If you’re planning on using your vehicle to remove snow this season it would be good to know whether or not you’re covered by Auto Insurance.

Since winter can be a time when work can become slow, plowing snow is a viable way to make a decent amount of cash. It pays better than most people actually think.

How It Works

As you may be driving from site to site to remove snow, you may wonder if that falls under the category of commercial Auto Insurance.
If you work for a company as an employee, then no, in most cases you do not need to have commercial auto insurance to be covered.
As long as the company you work for deducts taxes from your wages, commercial auto insurance will not apply to you. Meaning, you can avoid paying extra thousands of dollars per month and stick to a Personal Auto Insurance.

snow removal winter season simple easy job

Starting Wages $20-$35/Hr 💲💲💲

So if you’re thinking about making quick cash this winter, now you know you’re covered no problem with everyday regular insurance. Snow removal jobs are easy to find online through places like Kijiji (or craigslist), where you can find temporary gigs quickly. A good way to make money this winter.

Find quick gigs:

Type “snow” in job search bar.

Competitive insurance policies:

Link your existing car insurance, and check within 30-seconds for same coverage with better rates.

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Planning On Securing Your Own Contracts?

However, if you’re thinking of starting your own snow removal business, that is a whole other story. Although easy to get into, you would then need Commercial Auto Insurance at that point.

Speak to a lawyer online for professional consultation regarding your local area.

Get a loan with a free credit report to start your business today.

Consult a lawyer for legal advice or assistance before setting up your own snow removal business. 

January 01, 2023