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Why buy new tires?

Sometimes buying used tires can be a hit and miss.

Some of the time you can drive away from the shop with a set of cheap tires that will last you.

But sometimes they come with nails already punctured that weren’t there when you bought the tire; yet somehow occurs once you drive off. Then you have to go back to get a tire repair and pay even more money for the hassle.

Tire mart does things different.

When you have techs double check the condition of your tire and repair any damages before you buy, you can feel confident you’re making a good purchase for your tires.

And that’s exactly what Tire Mart does; their techs will double check the condition and repair any tires if necessary before they are sent to you.

Now you have a better way to buy used tires with confidence and ease.

Deals constantly going on.

Tire Mart have deals constantly going on for blemished tires /snow tires / and top quality used tires. 

Perfect for you if you know in advance you’ll be needing tires soon. You can shop and know you’re getting a good rate at Tire Mart.

All their used tires come with a 90 Day Return Policy.

I’ve got my tires from Tire Mart. Now what?

Once you’ve received your tires, you can bring it to any tire installer near you. Most lube shops will be able to install your used tires. 

And after it’s all said and done, you would still be able to save money rather than buy brand new tires with install from a regular franchise store.

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How Old Is The Tire / Tire Service Life?

They sell tires no matter the age as long as they pass the inspection process and that the rubber proves to be healthy and dry rot free. 

How Long Does It Take For Shipping/Delivery?

Depending where you are located in the 48 contiguous states it will take FedEx 1-6 business days to complete delivery from warehouse location in Allentown, PA.

Do They Sell Full Sets Of 4 Matched Tires?

Yes. Complete sets of 4 are difficult to come by when shopping for used tires however at Tire Mart, you will be able to find a large selection for sets of 4 that have been matched together at your convenience. Sets are matched by brand & tread style, tread depth, size and speed/load rating.

Does This Tire Have Any Patches Or Repairs?

All USED tires could be professionally repaired. Every USED tire is inspected at least twice, once prior to listing for sale and once again prior to shipping out to a buyer. Repairs could be performed during the first inspection as well as during the second inspection. No sidewall repairs guaranteed. For repairs Best Used Tires follow the RMA.org standards: https://www.rma.org/tire-safety/tire-repair/

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July 26, 2021