Symptoms of Bad Assist Arm (Lateral Arm): How to Fix It

If you’re planning on replacing the rear assist arm (lateral arm) for your KIA Sorento, chances are the fasteners will be seized. As was the case for me, and other shops I called around for used parts.

Which means you’ll likely need a reciprocating saw or drill to cut the bolt loose. This will require a bit more skill and safety awareness when using power tools.

*Wear safety glasses and a mask to avoid injury.*

This job took me 3 days to complete. I went through about 8 blades and a new set of drill bits to cut the bolt from the control arm out.

Once you’ve installed the new assist arm, make sure to torque bolts once suspension is at ride height. This will avoid premature wear of the bushings and ensure longer life of the part.

Afterwards you’ll need to get an alignment done since you’ll have replaced the camber bolt.

Get Your Tools On a Budget

Assist/Lateral arms are very important components of the vehicle suspension system.

A faulty assist arm can result in dangerous driving conditions causing the wheel to snap from the suspension. The arm holds the tire in place so as not to put too much negative camber during normal driving operations.

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Links to the Tools You Need:

1/2″ & 1/4″ & 3/8″ Drive Ratchet Set:

Saw-Zaw (Dewalt):

Starter Drill Kit:

24mm Deep Socket:

24mm Wrench:

Wrench Set:

Breaker Bar:

Vise Grips:

Torque Wrench:

Lug Nut Socket Set:

Industrial Hammer:

Pry Bar Set:

Oil Penetrant:

3 Ton Floor Jack:

3 Ton Jack Stands:

Safety Glasses:

Magnetic Work Light:

Work Gloves:

Rag Towels:

Brake Cleaner:

Magnetic Tray:


Watch how to replace rear assist arm for 2011 KIA Sorento:

How to Find a Repair Shop Manual 

If you need a repair manual specifically made for your vehicle, go here to learn more. I’ll also show you a quick tutorial on how to use them online.

October 10, 2022