Best Car Repair Videos For Auto Beginners

when learning from videos becomes better than books 

Learning how to fix vehicles is a very rewarding feeling. There’s nothing like repairing an issue with your own vehicle and seeing it come back to life again.

Not only do you end up saving yourself a good chunk of money, but you also gain confidence to tackle the next job should it come your way.

So what is the best way to learn how to fix vehicles? And how do books stack up?

Today on the internet there are several great books geared towards automotive for beginners, like the ones listed below:

A time for more videos

I will say that books will always have their place for the beginner. The need to do away with them isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

However since YouTube’s come onto the spot, many people have posted tons of repair videos on their platform. This is a recent trend that began to sprout around the year 2005. Within 15 years, a lot has changed in the car repair and maintenance world online.

It’s becoming apparent that video is taking over as the superior format of learning when it comes to fixing vehicles.

What makes video superior to books

Comparing 2-5 still picture frames from a book VS over 3000 frames from a video to cover the topic of vehicles repairs, is a huge difference. Take a look at the comparison below.

I was only able to find 2 still pictures with my repair manual book (shown below) VS the huge amount of content from a video to do an oil change:

picture of car repair
best car repair video 3
Play Video about learn car mechanics online free

With the video we can see much more of the moving parts, and we get a full picture how things work with the vehicle. This increases our visualization to dissemble components and reassemble them with better results when working on our own.

Best Videos For Automotive Beginners

So if you’re thinking of fixing vehicles and don’t know where to start, think about taking video courses online. The courses costs as much as a book would AND you get to see all the moving parts.

Learn how to take care of your vehicles for the long term; that’s what we want. And if you need mechanic training videos that will help you get into the field, there are professional videos for that as well.

Some courses are usually on sale which means you pay even less for video training instead of buying books at a higher price. 

And if you plan on becoming a bit more advanced within a year or two, you have options to earn money on your own as a mechanic. This is where you might be interested in the world of flipping cars.

I would recommend learning to fix vehicles for at least two years before deciding to flip cars. 

Doing fix and flips are a great way to take your mechanic skills to the next level. It’s a prerequisite to becoming self made mechanic or creating desirable talent people are willing to pay for.

Most states in the US don’t require you to have a license to flip vehicles. 

And most provinces in Canada don’t require a license as well. Check out the video below to learn more:

So for 70% of North Americans, that means you can flip vehicles without a license. And flipping cars can bring you a decent profit if you do them right.

You can learn from the pros that offer online courses who will show you how to do your first flip:

The opportunities avaialble for beginners

The great thing about this field is that there are many paths to becoming a mechanic. 

Now with video learning to repair vehicles, it becomes much easier for the beginner to get started.

You’re no longer stuck anymore with having to go to school and focus on mostly textbooks. Colleges will cost you money in the thousands (XX,XXX), while professional online video courses will cost you in the double digits (XX). And the training is similar, if not the same!

So check out some of the video courses I’ve posted above. It’s an investment worth a hundred books of value.

You’ll save yourself a trip from high student loan misery lane. And you’ll become just as good as the pros did when they first got started; as a beginner.

If you’re thinking of applying for a job soon, check out this post to learn about the auto employer vs employee mindset in this field. It might help take the pressure off you the next time you go searching for employment.

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July 28, 2021

Best Auto Repair Manuals For Do-It-Yourselfers

Whether you need a manual to fix your vehicle or you’re thinking of running a business, you’ll most likely need an auto repair manual.

I’ve used Identifix, Pro Mitchell 1, and Chilton / Haynes repair manuals. Although they are good manuals to start with, some of them still lack in pictures needed to understand some missing repairs.

So which repair manuals do I recommend that contain a much larger database?

Find out good solutions here to help fix your vehicle.

ALLDATA and EManual Online don’t play around when it comes to manuals.

I’ve been using ALLDATA for more than five years now and their content does not disappoint. These guys know what they’re doing.

Emanual Online is another great addition to have if you’re looking for similar quality manuals for dirt cheap.

These companies offer more than the other companies I listed before. I’m super pleased with using these shop manuals to help me do my own car repairs.

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The best feature about ALLDATA is that you get extra content to help you locate vehicle components. They will actually label a lot of things out for you. Making it clear to spot what’s what. 

ALLDATA will even link photos to the drawing diagrams to help you locate components even faster. I haven’t seen many companies offer this type of feature.

Very handy to have when you’re diagnosing electrical problems and you don’t know which connector is which, or where it’s located. They solve these types of problems.

Check out the examples below how ALLDATA refers the photo number on the diagram, and provides links direct to the photo to help you identify locations quickly.

ALLDATA also offers repair book time so you know how long a repair should typically take to complete.

And you also get the Manufacture Suggested Retail Price for how much parts will cost.

A very handy tool to have so you never get ripped off by any shop or parts store.

Quick Video Tutorial: How to Use ALLDATA 

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Emanual Online

I’ve also purchased another repair manual for a 2011 KIA Sorento I own. 

Lately with ALLDATA upgrading their platform, customer service has been lacking. But, damn am I impressed with Emanual Online.

There are 1348 pages in PDF format with so many detailed instructions on how to remove and reinstall components for my KIA Sorento; mechanical and electrical. I’ve gotta say this is a step up from what I’m used to from most low cost manual providers.

All purchases from EManual Online gives you access to your manual for life. You never have to pay monthly subscriptions like you do with other manual providers. 

Not only that, they’ve got repair manuals for almost anything that’s out there!

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They’ve got manuals on motorbikes, ATVs, Heavy Duty vehicles; it’s insane. They’ve over 1,400,000 manuals available in their database at the time of writing this! 



The customer service is currently lacking big time. You’ll be on your own when using ALLDATA’s repair manuals; unless you go for their premium subscriptions. 

Unlike Emanual Online, ALLDATA requires you pay a monthly or yearly subscription to have access to your repair manual online. 

Emanual Online

I’m happy this company put in a lot of effort compiling their manuals, but there is something that is lacking. With over 1300 pages it’s a bit tough to navigate and find things quickly.

You have to constantly scroll back to the Table of Contents to find where things are. Although everything is there, it takes a while to locate what you’re looking for. 

You’ll have to use the ‘Ctrl + F’ hotkey to search up the terms you’re looking for. 

There is no information on costs for parts or labor time for the vehicle, which is a bummer. This feature is found in ALLDATA however.

And since you only get the PDF, there really is no support with your repairs as well.

To Sum It All Up


All in all, ALLDATA still does a good job in bringing you most of the information you need to fix your own vehicle. I still recommend using their software for at least a year to get the most bang for your buck.

You get a lot of information which most other repair manuals don’t offer. You get information on labor cost and MSRP; a big bonus in my books.

Emanual Online

With over 1.4 million manuals to choose from EManual Online should be your go-to place to find quality repair manuals for low cost. And great to use if you’re working on boat, tractor, or bike repairs.

Use the Coupon Code VS20 at checkout to get your EManual manual 20% OFF.

You keep your Emanual manuals for life.

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July 09, 2021