Starter Tool Set To Start Fixing Vehicles.

The only tools you’ll need to get started.

This will be a basic list of tools you’ll need to get started to work on any vehicle. 


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Medium Ratchet/Socket Set
Small Ratchet/Socket Set

Every mechanic needs a socket and ratchet set. This is your bread and butter for all repairs.

Wrench Set

Wrenches will come in handy for removing bolts where your socket and ratchet wont fit; a very useful tool.
This wrench set comes with 15 pieces ranging from

Breaker Bar

Good for loosening siezed nuts and bolts. 

Torque Wrench

Used to tighten bolts down to specific clamping pressure. It’s important to find a good quality torque wrench.

Lug Nug Socket Set

You will need this set to remove and install tires onto your wheel hub.

Hydraulic Car Jack

You can usually find a jack laying in the trunk of your car very easily. So in most cases this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you still need one, choose a hydraulic jack.

Jack Stands

You will need jack stands as well. Vehicles do not come with jack stands, so you’ve got to pick these up in store.

 You want something holding the vehicle up the whole time you’re under the vehicle. And you want jack stands that can withstand the curb-weight of your vehicle.

Brake Cleaner

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “Brake cleaner?” Yes. This stuff works. If you go to any shop, mechanics will use this to clean almost anything when they do their repairs. It cleans brake parts, but it’ll also clean all the dirty oil clinging to your car underneath.

Work Gloves

You’ll need some gloves when working with engine oil. Medium to heavy duty application gloves are what you’re looking for. 


And finally, you’ll want some heavy duty rags to clean your tools when you’re finished the job. You’ll also want to clean up any dirty oil that is clinging to your car underneath with a rag.

If you have any unused t-shirts laying around your home that’s an even cheaper option.

Getting down to budget.

Let’s recap on the basic tool list you’ll need to get started. This will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to start up with repairing vehicles:

  • Small Ratchet and Socket Set CAD $28.97 (US $22.15)

  • Wrench Set CAD $63.70 (US $47.44)

  • Breaker Bar CAD $14.05 (US $10.46)

  • Torque Wrench CAD $127.15 (US $94.69)

  • Lug Nug Socket Set CAD $33.80 (US $25.17)

  • Hydraulic Car Jack CAD $56.69 (US $42.22)
  • Jack Stands CAD $47.05 (US $35.04)

  • Brake Cleaner CAD $21.99 (US $16.38)

  • Work Gloves CAD $16.66 (US $12.41)
  • Rags CAD $61.09 (US $45.50)

The total will come out to about CAD $471.15 (US $351.46 as of March 08, 2020). Prices may change over time.

Not bad for starting out though. This starter tool set will last you at least three years, maybe even more. These tools have good ratings and I’ve used similar products myself. 

Investing in tools that can last you three years will earn you back 1000 fold in income if you get consistent work. Just remember to take care of these tools and they will take care of you.

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