Basic Tools For Repairing A Broken Bolt On a Budget.

The only tools you'll need to do this repair.

You will need some different tool sets to repair a broken bolt. This does require a bit higher skill level, but if you take your time with this repair you can get it completed properly.

This list for the tools you need to repair a broken bolt; we’ll assume you already have the starter tool-set by now.


You will need a drill to cut a hole through any broken bolts. The goal is to drill using the smallest drill bit (1/8 inch) and work your way up to the original sized fastener.

Cutting Drill Bit Set

This drill bit set will have a variety of cutting drill bits you will need to get the job done.

Safety Glass 

You want to make sure if you’re working under the vehicle to have safety glasses. Preferably ones that protect your eyes from many angles and which are anti-fog. As failure to using safety glasses can cause metal shavings to fall into your eyes during drilling.

If you ever have metal shavings fall in your eyes, rinse with water repeatedly until everything is flushed out… and then rinse some more!

Cutting Fluid

Using cutting fluid is important when cutting holes using a drill, and when tapping new threads. 

This will keep the drill bit and tap lubricated and cool, and prevent overheating or broken taps.

Bolt Extractors

The first choice after cutting a hole through your broken bolt is to use a bolt extractor. If you can remove the bolt using this tool, you’re ready for the next step.

If using this doesn’t cause the broken bolt to come out fairly easily, it’s time to move on to the next step. You don’t want to force anything when using the bolt extractor.

Tap & Die Set

This Tap & Die set will allow you to make new threads in the holes you’ve just drilled.

Using these tools will the next step if the bolt extractor doesn’t work. 

Slow and steady wins the race when using the tap and die set.

Helicoil Thread Repair Kit

Using a Helicoil is recommended only after you have used the tap and die set on a broken bolt.

This kit will allow you to drill holes a bit larger than the original size of the broken bolt, and still allow you to use the original sized fastener once you’re done tapping.

Getting down to budget.

Let’s recap on the basic tool list you’ll need to get started. For this list I recommend buying tools that are a bit higher in cost and quality grade, as doing these kinds of repairs require it.

Here is the complete list of tools you’ll need to replace a broken bolt. This is what it would cost you on a budget below:

  • Drill CAD $34.98 (US $26.77)

  • Cutting Drill Bit Set CAD $39.61 (US $30.31)
  • Safety Glasses CAD $46.97 (US $35.95)

  • Cutting Fluid CAD $14.24 (US $10.90, assuming you go with WD-40)

  • Bolt Extractors CAD $54.07 (US $41.38)

  • Tap & Die Set CAD $51.99 (US $39.79)
  • Helicoil Thread Repair Kit (this is optional to use, but highly recommended)

The total will come out to about CAD $241.86 (US $185.09 as of January 18, 2020). Prices may change over time.

These tools have good ratings and I’ve used similar products myself.

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