Basic Tool List For Replacing Front Stabilizer Links (2009 PT Cruiser) On a Budget.

The only tools you'll need to do this job.

Assuming you have the starter tool-set already, you shouldn’t have to shell out too much money to get extra needed equipment. But just in case, I’ve listed out everything you will need for this repair.

Medium Ratchet/Socket Set
Large Ratchet/Socket Set

A good starter kit for almost all car repairs.

Wrench Set

This wrench set comes with 15 pieces ranging from
8mm-22mm. This is the best start up kit as you will be needing wrenches in these sizes often. I used a 14mm wrench to install the new stabilizer links on the PT Cruiser.

Vice Grip

You will definitely need a pair of vice grips to do this job. This will be important to use when you remove the old stabilizer links. These bad boys will hold the part in place so you can loosen the bolt of the stabilizer link.

Manual Car Jack 
Hydraulic Car Jack

You can usually find a jack laying in the trunk of your car very easily. So in most cases this shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you still need one, choose one of these jacks.

Jack Stands

You will need jack stands as well. Vehicles do not come with jack stands, so you’ve got to pick these up in store.

 You want something holding the vehicle up the whole time you’re under the vehicle. And you want jack stands that can withstand the curb-weight of your vehicle.

Creeper (or cardboard box)

You could use a cardboard box and flatten it out. Or if you want comfort you can go with the cheapest creeper I found that has some quality to it.

Penetrating Oil

You may need this to spray down your old stabilizer links. It’s likely they’ll be seized up. Spray WD-40 on the links and wait for 30 minutes. This should allow you to remove the link with ease.

Work Gloves

Medium to heavy duty application gloves with rip resistance.


Some rags to clean your tools after you’re done.

If you have any unused t-shirts or rags laying around your home that’s an even better option.

Getting down to budget.

Here’s the complete list of tools you’ll need for the front stabilizer links. I’ll show you what this would cost you on a budget below:

  • Large Ratchet/Socket Set (assuming you’ve already bought both ratchet sets from the list before)

  • Wrench Set (assuming you’ve got bought a set from the list before)

  • Vice Grips CAD $17.46 (US $13.35)

  • Manual Car Jack (assuming you have one in your car trunk)

  • Jack Stands (assuming you already have these now)

  • Creeper or cardboard box (assuming you already have a cardboard box)

  • Penetrating Oil (assuming you’ve already purchased a bottle from the list before)

  • Work Gloves (assuming you already have some now)

  • Rags (assuming you already have some)

The total will come out to about CAD $17.46 CAD (US $13.35 as of December 29, 2019). Prices may change over time.

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