8 Reasons Why Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars.

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars

Electric Vehicle Takeover Is Complete Speculation 

Since 2010, three of the biggest countries have seen increase in sales of electric vehicles. Below is a graph of EV (electric vehicle) sales in Europe, China, and US for 2020.

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy graph

But does this mean electric vehicles will replace all gasoline vehicles? Will Trudeau or the Biden Administration be able to ban all gasoline vehicles by 2050?

Although there are some benefits to owning an EV, such as paying nothing for fuel and no longer doing oil changes anymore; the costs seem to outweigh the benefits.

Here are 8 Reasons Why Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars:


global shortage supply of battery resourses

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy no resources

Source: CNBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM1fL5D1_W8 (05:40)

Here are the key battery resources that are in low supply.

Lithium, Nickel, and Cobalt to name a few.

With the rapid growing demand for electric vehicle production, manufacturers are scrambling to find these types of resources to assemble their battery parts together. And it isn’t looking good for the near future.

When asked:
Q: Right now demand is outstripping supply; five years down the road, correct?” 
JB Straubel, former Chief Technology Officer of Tesla said, “Correct.”
Q: “How worried are you about it?”
JB: “I am pretty worried…”

JB mentioned at this point that we would find more battery resources from the electronics that we recycle rather than results from new mining operations.

Not only do we have a global shortage for EVs, this means other electronics will feel the crunch as well.

So this begs the question, did gasoline vehicles cause this kind of shortage problem in the history of their production? The answer is: nope.


Lack of Charging stations
Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy no resources lack of charging stations

Currently, charging stations are lacking worldwide.

By 2030 the Biden Administration plans to install 500,000 new charging stations with a $15 billion budget. Currently there are about 42,000 charging stations today in the United States. To expand even further they would need a budget of $45 billion (for 1,500,000 new charging stations).

Which basically means that we would need 1,500,000 new charging stations to support an EV takeover.

And by 2035 (which has now been moved to 2050), the administration wants to completely ban new gasoline car sales. Yet it is clear we are nowhere near to having the infrastructure in place for an EV takeover, nor do we have the supplies as mentioned earlier.

Which means if you own an EV you’ll likely be stuck with driving within the city limits for the most part. Good luck finding charging stations out of town in the country road. They barely exist as the map above illustrates. Off-roading or exploring with EVs are not really on the table.


long Charging times
Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy slow charge

Charging time also makes it a deal breaker if they’re meant to replace gas powered vehicles. Who would wait for hours to fill their gas at fueling stations?

It would take you 8 hours to charge an EV from completely empty-to-full on a 60kWh battery. This would be on a level 1 charge which is optimal for your car battery health.

For a level 3 charge you could get about 80% battery juice for your vehicle in about 30 minutes. However these level 3 charging stations will cost you more money, and it wears out your car battery faster than a level 1 charge.

For a gasoline car, filling up completely full would take you around 5 minutes for a V6 engine. And it doesn’t wear out your battery to fill up on gas this fast.

Clearly, a serious inconvenience of owning an EV. Time is money; and that’s a lot of time you spend not being able to get to where you need to be.


GPS tracker

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy gps trackers hidden breach of privacy

If you plan on going electric that means all your movements will be tracked. Great for retrieving a stolen vehicle. Not so great for most people who prefer privacy. A big price to pay by sacrificing privacy for safety.

Sure, many modern day smartphones already come pre-installed with a GPS tracker, if not all. But at least you can leave your phone at home and travel without giving up your location in a gas powered vehicle.

Can you do the same thing with an EV? 100% nope.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” 

And I agree with one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. The costs outweigh the benefits. Which leads me to my next point.


Cyber Attacks

Just a year ago, the Autopilot of the Tesla Model X was hacked, and not just once. At best the EV systems can only alert you of being hacked, but won’t be able to recover should someone have remote access to your vehicle. Scary stuff.  

That means if your car gets remotely hacked at the wrong time, it could spell out disaster for you. The article mentions that someone had hacked the Tesla to steer in the wrong direction.

So if you’re driving in a crowded area or at higher speeds on the highway, what does that mean if you lose control of the vehicle? Maybe you get hacked at the most inopportune time while driving next to a mountain cliff 100 feet in the air?

A serious safety hazard to consider; not only for yourself but to those around you.

In the clip above, it is alleged that the Tesla brakes malfunctioned, leading to several injuries and fatalities. Tesla denies any wrongdoing. But, it seem like another factor can come into play here. How about a cyber attack?

Thankfully gasoline cars don’t really have issues with this. As it seems EVs with their infotainment computers are the ones getting hacked more often.


Gasoline is here to stay

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy wont run shortage

People have been debating this century countlessly about whether we’d run out of gas and oil soon. And it appears even the experts got it wrong when making their predictions:

In 1914, the U.S. Bureau of Mines claimed that we would run out of oil by 1924.

In 1950, the U.S. Department of the Interior stated that we’d be out of oil by 1963.

Here’s what Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former Saudi oil minister said, “The stone age did not end because the world ran out of stones, and the oil age will not end because we run out of oil.”

You can bet that someone who lives in Saudi Arabia with abundant amounts of oil knows what they’re talking about. Since Saudi Arabia is the #1 biggest exporter of oil among all countries. 

So I wouldn’t worry about gas disappearing anytime soon. There will be plenty of gas left to power our gasoline vehicles. 


Higher costs

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline energy cost too much expensive

Problem #1: With the global shortage of battery resources, it will cost even more to mine new materials needed. Those higher costs will then be transferred unto the consumer when it’s time to buy a new EV.

Problem #2: All batteries die at some point in time. So the next question is, how much will a replacement cost? Currently, it would cost you in the five-digits to replace a typical EV battery. In 2017, it cost $15,000 to replace the battery of an EV Chevy Bolt.

And since it’s an electric vehicle, it automatically comes installed with a whole bunch of electrical sensors. Which means when you go for repairs, you’re going to be paying bigger bucks to diagnose and fix electrical issues.

As a good rule of thumb: the more sensors your car comes installed with, the more complex the electrical circuits. The more complex the electrical circuits, the more labor time charged to you to repair those circuits.

So in reality, you don’t really save much money compared to a gasoline vehicle when maintenance comes due. 


EVs like to catch on fire

Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars will what happen when oil-runs out gasoline evs like to blow up and catch on fire

You wont find a shortage of news hearing about EVs blowing up and catching on fire. It seems it’s becoming more common to see EVs self destruct while gas cars remain the same.

You don’t see many news stories covering gasoline vehicles that shorted itself and decided to explode out of the blue.

If you visit https://www.tesla-fire.com, you will find all fire related incidents regarding Tesla. And you’ll also see the fatality count. So far there are 71 deaths due to Tesla fires.

This is a huge problem for electric vehicles. Not so much for gasoline vehicles.

Electric vehicles overall are okay, but not enough.

Although EVs have their own benefits to society, it’s not likely they’ll ever be able to completely replace gas powered vehicles. Sure it’s good to have alternatives to gasoline such as electric, hydrogen fuel, and biodiesel.

But all things should be considered before we allow EVs to only be sold in North America by 2035 (now they bumped it to 2050)

Electric vehicles still pose serious problems that have not been fully vetted yet. And to push for only EV sales by 2035 by Canada and the Biden Administration would just be a dumb idea.

There you go, 8 Reasons Why Electric Vehicles Wont Replace Gas Cars.

Be happy knowing you wont have to be forced to use over-rated EVs anytime soon, get hacked while driving, or wait 8 hours at a time to drive your vehicle.

Enjoy your gasoline car, and maybe pop open a Mountain Dew the next time you go to the mountains. Because hey, your gas powered battery can handle it.

 Last Update: Oct 10, 2023

How To Know If a Mechanic Is Ripping You Off

Do you ever feel like your mechanic is ripping you off? 

There are signs you can easily spot to figure out if your mechanic is trying to pull a fast one over you.

Note: It’s one thing to get your car repaired when it’s necessary, but it’s another thing to be up-sold on repairs you don’t actually need.

And that’s what we’re trying to do here: avoid unnecessary repairs, and learn about the indicators to determine whether your mechanic is trying to rip you off or not.

Before continuing on, if you’ve already been scammed by a mechanic, check out this post to learn how to file a report against auto repair fraud.

Also check out this video to learn how you can test your mechanic. Any beginner can do this to find out if their mechanic is legit or not.

We’ll break this down into two categories:

There are two types of indicators you need to look out for when you think a mechanic is trying to scam you.

We’ll call this the front-end signals and the back-end signals that you need to look out for.

The front-end signals are easier to spot to help you avoid being conned by the mechanic. If you notice any of the red flags mentioned here, you simply just walk away. No damage done.

However, the other half of the battle occurs when you have to deal with a mechanic who might scam you on the back-end. Those are more difficult to assess and spot tale tell signs of. That’s because you usually have to wait until your car is on the hoist or completely repaired to know what the results will be. 

But you’ll learn here how to protect yourself against any front-end or back-end tricks that mechanics may use against you.

So make sure to grab a cup of coffee or something refreshing to drink. This post will be a comprehensive list of determining whether or not your mechanic is ripping you off.


Front-End Signals to Look Out For When a Mechanic Is Trying to Scam You:

how to know if a mechanic is ripping you off 1

1a) The shop not willing to give you a quote in writing.

Before starting any work, it’s standard for the shop to give you a quote before fixing your vehicle.

Now, all shops will give you a quote orally, but are they willing to give you a quote in writing?

If your mechanic hesitates or refuses to give you a quote in writing, this is a huge red flag.


If the shop refuses to give you a “quote in writing”, refuse to give them your keys;  walk away.

No quote in writing; no way I’m complying.

how to know if a mechanic is ripping you off 3
1b) Spraying your parts with oil or puncturing new holes, then pretending you need new parts.

There are crooked shops out there that will use deceptive tactics in order for you to agree to expensive repairs. One tactic is to puncture holes inside rubber boots of your car components like a power steering rack, and inject dirty oil in it to appear as if your car is leaking power steering fluid.

Or they’ll spray oil onto your strut/shock absorber to make it appear as if your strut is leaking and needs a new replacement.

Once this is done, the mechanic would call you and claim that he found oil to be leaking in those places. Then he would recommend that you fix these problems asap.

Without you realizing the con, you can fall into the trap and agree to these bogus types of repairs. That can be an easy ~$100 up to ~$1,000s out of your pocket. And the worst part is, you’d probably never find out about it. There are some sneaky bastards.


If you think you might be paying too much, hold off on any extra repairs you didn’t initially come in for. Tell the mechanic you want to think about it.

Then go ahead with the repair work order you came in for at the beginning.

After the service is done, use your car for the next month or two regularly and see if you continue to see leaks where the mechanic pointed out to. If not, you know the mechanic was trying to dupe you.

Or if you’re getting really bad vibes, you can refuse service all together and walk out the door.

You could shop around to get a second opinion from another shop.

how to know if a mechanic is ripping you off 4
1c) The mechanic has problems telling you what type of parts he will use.

The mechanic doesn’t have to tell you what price he got his parts for, but he is obligated to tell you whether or not he will use OEM or aftermarket parts to repair your vehicle.

This is important because OEM parts are usually double the cost of regular aftermarket parts.

Then there are junkyard parts not mentioned on this list. They’re cheaper than OEM and aftermarket parts, but they’re a hit and miss when it comes to quality. Sometimes you can get good parts cheap; sometimes you just get cheap parts.

The problem here is when the mechanic installs junkyard parts, but charges you OEM / regular aftermarket prices without telling you.


Get the mechanic to put everything down in writing; whether or not he will use OEM, aftermarket, or junkyard parts. Get all that information down on the quote in writing.

Or request the mechanic to take picture or video of all new parts he will use to replace old parts. Then tell him to send you those pictures before agreeing to any repair work. 

Communicate by text SMS so you can protect your behind if the mechanic claims he never agreed to your request.

how to know if a mechanic is ripping you off 5
1d) The mechanic wont let you see the condition of your car when he recommends a repair

If the mechanic calls to tell that you need other repairs done to your vehicle, it’s only natural for you to want to know what the problem is.

You can confirm if you need these ‘other’ repairs by asking the mechanic to take photos or videos to show you which parts need to be replaced for your vehicle.

Or if you’re already in the shop, you can ask to go inside the garage and see for yourself why you need an additional repair.

If the mechanic refuses to take pictures or video, or even to show you in the garage why you need ‘other’ repairs, that is another red flag. 

I wouldn’t even care if it was the dealership enforcing their safety policy not to let you in. They can still take photos or record video at the least and show that to you. There’s always a work around these kinds of policies.


Walk away and find a mechanic who is willing to work with you.

If they can’t take five minutes out of their schedule to just snap some photos for you or to let you into the garage, chances are they don’t really care about your business.

Nor will they care about doing a good job of repairing your vehicle.

car repair scams 1
1e) Your Mechanic is Upselling you on basic services

You go for a routine oil change. But one day, the shop you go to is recommending you get a bunch of extra services done.

They might suddenly recommend an engine oil flush or some other type of flush.

The mechanic will claim that the extra services will help extend the life of your vehicle and improve things like drivetrain and fuel economy.

Most of the time these services only make the car worse, and at the same time they charge you more to perform the service.

So you go in for a basic oil change but now you drive out with an engine oil change, an engine oil flush, and additives treatment. That goes from $60 to now $220.


Tell the mechanic to show you where in your maintenance schedule it says you need all these recommended services. If it doesn’t show up in your service manual, refuse to have the extra services done.

If the mechanic keeps insisting and pressures you, ask the mechanic if he knows more about the vehicle than the engineers who originally manufactured it. 

You push for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer until they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Sit back and enjoy an interesting conversation unfold in your favor.

auto mechanic scams
1F) Not addressing obvious issues but focusing on expensive repairs

If you come in with an issue for one thing but the mechanic quotes you for something completely different, that is a red flag right there.

For example, I’ll share what happened to me.

I had an engine oil leak and I went to the dealership. I asked for a diagnosis to determine where the engine oil leak was coming from.

Later that day they called and said that ‘I needed a new power steering rack because there was leakage coming out from the tie rod boot.’

Funny, I didn’t have any issues turning my steering wheel on the way to the dealer. My power steering was fine. And more curious is that they mentioned nothing about the engine oil leak I came in for.

They practically did a half-ass job addressing my concerns and couldn’t be bothered to find the cause of the engine oil leak. And then they have the nerve to quote me $2,300 to replace the power steering rack. 

They don’t call the dealership the ‘stealership’ for no reason.


I said, ‘no’ and walked away. I told them ‘I wanted to think about it.

Which was the right move. I drove the car regularly for a month and saw that the power steering had stopped leaking from the tie rod boot. My power steering reservoir also never dropped in fluid level during that whole time.

It is clear that the dealer injected dirty oil into the tie rod boot to try and trick me out of $2,300. Sneaky pieces of poop.

Now you know the front-end signals to spot when shady mechanics try and scam you.

The common theme above was to be willing to walk away when you get the feeling you’re being scammed. This takes a bit of intuition and critical thinking to make the right call, but it is the easiest solution when dealing with front-end scams the mechanic is trying to trap you in.

Now to move unto the next category; the back-end scam. 

This is where walking away may not be the best solution for the new types of situations you’ll be facing.

Because, these are things you can’t just walk away from. Such as if the mechanic damages your vehicle, or gives you a higher bill at the last moment with your vehicle in his garage.


Back-End Signals to Look Out For When a Mechanic Is Trying to Scam You:

what to do if mechanic overcharges
2A) Overcharging you for your auto repair

If you go to pick up your car and find out you’re supposed to pay 10% more than what was initially agreed upon, this is a problem.

Shop fees and sales tax are expected to increase final price. Or maybe the mechanic had to do a little bit extra work to repair your vehicle because something else in your car was in the way of the repair; that’s okay. It happens.

But if you’re charged more than 10% than what you were quoted for, it could mean the mechanic did unauthorized work or just plain out overcharged you.


No matter what repair the mechanic did to overcharge you, as long as you have the quote in writing you can reclaim your money back. 

That means you can approach your local automotive regulators or small claims courts and prove that the mechanic has overcharged you.

Although you may not get your money back right away, that quote you kept in writing will ensure you get your money back eventually. Keeping your quote in writing is very important.

shady mechanic tricks 2
2B) Over tightening Fasteners 

The mechanic may overtighten bolts holding your components together. This is so that the next time you get service involving that same bolt coming off, it will cause the bolt to become stripped very easily.

Which means you’ll have to pay more in labor costs to the shop to repair or replace the broken bolt they caused to happen. That’s an easy $200 – $300 the shop can pocket in less than an hour from you. A sneaky scam that’s hard to spot.


Your only best solution is to find a mechanic you can trust. This will ensure you don’t deal with this type of scam.

if a mechanic breaks something on my car do they have to fix it
2C) Damaging your car

Some mechanics will either purposefully or accidentally damage your car. It could be a chunk of paint peeled from your vehicle. Or they could break other parts of your vehicle during repair and never make mention of it to you.

Mechanics are required by law to fix anything they damage while working on your vehicle. However, in reality there are some snake oiled covered rats that that will damage your vehicle and deny all responsibility.

They will lie out their teeth to the moon and back claiming to you that they did not cause any damage to your vehicle.


Take pictures or video footage of your car before going to the shop. Record yourself test driving the vehicle as well. You can compare pictures / videos before-and-after, to see if the mechanic did his job properly.

This will also increase your chances of proving that your car was fine the day before going into the shop if something else breaks. You’ll have video evidence to recover money for damages caused by the mechanic’s inaptitude.

do mechanics have to give you the old parts
2D) Not willing to let you see your old part

Most shops will give you your old part back if you request for it. If they refuse to give your old part back, that is a very bad sign.

Also note that even if the mechanic does give you back the old part, it could be any old part.

Sometimes you can be duped into thinking you got the old part from your car when in fact the mechanic might have just gave you a similar looking part, and never actually replaced your original old part.


Again, finding a mechanic you can trust is the best solution for this situation.

Or you can take pictures of your vehicle before going to the shop. Snap photos of the old part if you know what you’re looking for.  Compare the before-and-after photos.

car repair scams 2
2E) Mechanic Replaces cheap parts but charges you a premium

This is a variation of the bad sign we just mentioned above. This scam is when the shop charges you full price for low quality parts. 

The mechanic might claim that he used OEM parts to fix your vehicle, but in fact slipped in junkyard parts.

Now you’ve got junkyard part(s) installed that wont last as long as OEM parts, and you’ve paid full price for it. It might not be long before you have to go back to the shop for the same repair to be done again soon.


Once again, finding a mechanic you can trust is the best solution for this situation.

Or you can take pictures / videos of your vehicle before going to the shop. Record photos / videos of the old part if you know what you’re looking for. Compare the before-and-after photos. 

The #1 Best Tool to Prevent You From Being Scammed By a Mechanic.

Before agreeing to any work being done always get a quote in writing, even if your repair starts out less than $100. This is your #1 Tool.

80% of the scams can be avoided if you do 20% of the work upfront and keep all documents with you.

Check out this video to learn more about using a quote in writing.

More Importantly Than Having A Quote Is Having A Good Mechanic.

A lot of times you can do all the right things to avoid being scammed, but there are times when a shady mechanic might sneak in a scam or two. He could slip in scams among the other good services he’s provided for you; and you probably wouldn’t even notice.

Which is why it’s important most of all to find a mechanic you can trust. Check out this post to learn how to do that.

But until you find that golden mechanic, keep requesting quotes from the shops you visit and keep your guard up. Use the techniques you’ve learned here to spot the signs that a mechanic is trying to rip you off.

Rinse and repeat until you find a solid mechanic.

Last Update: September 28, 2023

The Secret Tool Mechanics Use. Get the Insider Knowledge.

[TSB]: KIA Sorento XM – constant engine oil leaks.

This technical service board is for XM Sorento models: 2009-2014

If you notice your KIA Sorento is constantly leaking, chances are it might be a quick fix…

Although other technicians may diagnose it as a faulty rear seal leak, many of the times that isn’t the case.

It’s most likely your oil pressure sensor which is causing the issue.

There are 2 ways to resolve the issue.

    1. Replace the oil pressure terminal hardware
      (This is a bit more labor and parts)
    2. Use gasket sealer to plug up sensor threads
      (watch video below)

Aug 07, 2023

Fast Way to Change Differential Gear Oil / Transmission Fluid.

There is a quick, easy, and affordable way to change gear oil on the next job you do.

Whether you need to replace transmission fluid or gear oil from your transfer case, this specialty tool will help you out with that.

Check out the video to see for yourself:

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May 14, 2023

[1 Year Update]: Fixing Spongy Brakes.

If you’ve got spongy/leaky brakes, here is a last resort option you can use to seal your brakes for good!

That is, to use gasket sealer to pinch off any leaky gaps causing your braking power to suffer.

How well has it worked for me?

One day I went to bleed my brakes because I had bought a brand new brake caliper. It was much needed.
However, after installing the new brake caliper and bleeding the brakes, I noticed that my brake line kept leaking air bubbles.
Funny. Even after I closed the bleeder screw tight, there should have been no air bubbles passing through the bleed line.
Unfortunately, that was the case for me. So after 2 bottles of brake fluid wasted by repeating the bleed, I decided to use gasket sealer instead.
I was able to pinch off any gaps or openings from the bleeder screw nut clamping onto the caliper.
And it’s been a year now. So here are the results!

Gasket Sealer to seal spongy brake pedals:

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May 14, 2023

Is It Safe to Mix Engine Oils? 5w20, 5w30, 10w30…

You might be wondering if it’s safe…to mix engine oils into your engine.

For example, you might ask:
    • can you mix 5w20 and 10w30?
    • is it okay to put 5w30 inside your engine, when the cap says 5w20?
      Or vice versa.

To find the quickest solution.

It’s best to consult your owner’s manual.
As we see below for this Kia Sorento, it takes both 5w20 and 5w30 engine oil.
Although 5w20 will offer better fuel efficiency, it clearly states you can use other oils if 5w20 is not available to you.
Below we see this vehicle can take both 5w30 in winter, and 10w30 in summer.
So by manufacturer design, it indeed is safe to mix or use different engine oils.

But… when you’re in a bit of a situation.

For me, there were no High Mileage 5w20 engine oil available to me. The store I went to had sold out. So I decided to go with High Mileage 5w30.
high mileage engine oil needed
So I poured 5 quarts of 5w30 oil into a 5w20 engine.
To bring the oil viscosity down, I added in 1 quart of 5w20 to mix in with 5w30.
This is to help oil flow faster during winter.
However, there is one caveat. It’s recommended to use the same brands of engine oil if you decide to do a mix.
can i use different engine oil brands
As using different brands may cause adverse effects to your engine performance.
So now you know…
The next time you need to mix engine oils, you know it’s relatively safe.
If you still want to go by the books and can’t find the right engine oil for your vehicle, consider shopping online.
With Same-Day Shipping,* you can feel safe putting in the engine oil your vehicle needs.
cheaper engine motor synthetic oil online
Plus, you can find quality brand products at bargain prices online. 
Either way, you’ll make a safe decision.
Use the search bar to find your vehicle compatibility below:

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January 05, 2023