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[1 Year Update]: Fixing Spongy Brakes.

If you’ve got spongy/leaky brakes, here is a last resort option you can use to seal your brakes for good!

That is, to use gasket sealer to pinch off any leaky gaps causing your braking power to suffer.

How well has it worked for me?

One day I went to bleed my brakes because I had bought a brand new brake caliper. It was much needed.
However, after installing the new brake caliper and bleeding the brakes, I noticed that my brake line kept leaking air bubbles.
Funny. Even after I closed the bleeder screw tight, there should have been no air bubbles passing through the bleed line.
Unfortunately, that was the case for me. So after 2 bottles of brake fluid wasted by repeating the bleed, I decided to use gasket sealer instead.
I was able to pinch off any gaps or openings from the bleeder screw nut clamping onto the caliper.
And it’s been a year now. So here are the results!

Gasket Sealer to seal spongy brake pedals:

Permatex Right Stuff:

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May 14, 2023